Hair Extensions

Today, hair weaving promotes healthy hair, enhances beauty, builds confidence, offers versatile hair styling and creates an illusion of styles you’ve always dreamed of.

Although, the adding of synthetic or natural hair can be achieved by several methods, a braid foundation has proven to be the safest of all hair addition techniques. Sew in, latch weaving, micro links, braid style and sista locks are some of the recommended hair extension techniques. Other methods, such as bonding, glue, and fusion are messy, unsafe, and can be damaging to the hair shaft. Good common sense suggests not to put glue-adhesive on the hair. It does not wash out easily and will rip the hair where it is applied. Equally as damaging are braid methods performed by unskilled persons.


  • Custom hair weaving for clients with Alopecia (balding in spots), thinning and damaged hair conditions
  • Lace-front Wigs and Weaves: Lace-front classes available

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